Teaching urban regeneration

The following materials were produced by Paul Greenhalgh for lectures on Urban Regeneration at Northumbria University Newcastle. 

Urban Regeneration – a definition (Word document, 1 page)

Compact cities and urban sprawl (Word document, 3 pages)

Shrinking cities (Word document, 2 pages)

Gentrification and Abandonment (Word document, 2 pages)

Urban policy and neoliberalism (Word document, 3 pages)

Enterprise zones (Word document, 3 pages)

Gap funding (Word document, 3 pages)

Area based initiatives (Word document, 2 pages)

Development Corporations and Regeneration Agencies (Word document, 3 pages)

The Urban Renaissance (Word document, 3 pages)

Brownfield Land (Word document, 2 pages)

Contaminated Land (Word document, 2 pages)

Defining Regeneration (Word document, 4 pages)

Chronology of Urban Policy Initiatives (Word document, 2 pages)

Urban Regeneration: Acronyms & Abbreviations (Word document, 2 pages)

Mayoral Development Corporations (Word document, 4 pages)

The Urban Task Force and Urban White Paper (Word document, 5 pages)

Seminar task – Evaluating policies and projects (Word document, 1 page)

Brownfield and Contaminated Land Quiz (Word document, 4 pages)

Regeneration in the 80s (Word document, 1 page)

Urban policies of the 90s (Word document, 3 pages)

Regional Development Agencies and the Noughties (Word document, 2 pages)

Urban Development Corporations and Enterprize Zones (Word document, 4 pages)

Recommended reading and references (Word document, 5 pages)