Riverside Regeneration: Photos

Past industry - coal mining

The steel industry

Derelict shipyard

A derelict riverside, Deptford

Derelict housing

Dereliction and riots

A meeting of the Monitoring Panel, St Peters Riverside

Training strategy in action: construction skills

Newcastle's historic riverside

The Live Theatre, Newcastle

Newcastle Business Park - before

Newcastle Business Park - after

Newcastle Business Park - after

Inside the British Airways call centre

Closegate - before

Copthorne Hotel and Bridge Court

Aerial view of quayside - before

Decaying quay edges

The derelict Co-operative Society building

A view from across the river, 1998

Malmaison Hotel, opened 1997

New riverside homes

The Pitcher and Piano bar on the quayside

People leaving the Arena

Tyneside Offshore Technology Park - Wellstream

The fishing industry, North Shields

Port of Tyne and Nissan export facility

The offshore industry: AMEC, North Tyneside

Swan Hunter shipyard, 1998: The "Solitaire" leaves the Tyne

The Royal Quays - before redevelopment

The Royal Quays, September 1997

Housing at the Royal Quays

Landscaping, the Royal Quays

Royal Quays: Outlet Centre and ferry

Royal Quays: NE Microelectronics Centre, Applied Materials

Royal Quays: Wet n Wild

Royal Quays: Wet n Wild

Royal Quays: new sports centre and Riverside Centre

Riverside, North Shields

The Custom House, South Shields

Housing, South Shields Riverside

"Bede's World", Jarrow

"Viking Park", Jarrow, 1998

Littlehaven, South Shields

St Peters Riverside, university campus

National Glass Centre being built

St Peters Riverside - before redevelopment

St Peters Riverside, sculpture project, Red House

St Peters Riverside, Roseline Building, South Bank

St Peters Riverside - aerial view of site to be redeveloped

St Peters Riverside - aerial view of the North Dock

Sunderland Enterprise Park - before

Sunderland Enterprise Park, seen west to east

Sunderland Enterprise Park, seen east to west

Sunderland Enterprise Park, smaller units

Landscaping at the Sunderland Enterprise Park

A colliery in 1993, where Stadium Park is now.

Stadium Park, 1997

Keeping trim at the Stadium of Light, Stadium Park

Restoring Newcastle Quay edge

Demolition underway at Newcastle Quayside

An archaeological dig during redevelopment

Newcastle Riverside, area marked for redevelopment

Newcastle Quayside: Tall Ships Festival, 1993