Teesside Development Corporation Archives

Material from the Teesside Development Corporation (1987 to 1998), Cleveland County Council, Teesland Group, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, and Middlesbrough Council.

Includes masterplans, photos, brochures, newsletters, documents, reports, strategies and press articles.


Teesside Development Corporation: Purpose, powers and map (pdf, 6 pages)

Teesside Development Corporation: Building Futures, a collection of brochures (pdf, 42 pages)

Teesside Development Corporation: Hartlepool Marina Brochure (pdf, 14 pages)

Teesside Development Corporation: Tees Barrage brochure (pdf, 3 pages)

Teesside Park brochures (pdf, 5 pages)

Teesdale: Any way that you want it. Business Park brochures (pdf, 10 pages).

Stockton City Challenge: Reporter newspapers, 1993 to 1995 (pdf, 22 pages)

Stockton-Middlesbrough initiative: a Vision for our Future brochure (pdf, 16 pages)

Teesside Urban Development Area Progress Reports, 1993 to 1995 (pdf, 8 pages)

Letter from Middlesbrough Borough Council re. Britannia Enterprise Zone, 1988 (pdf, 2 pages)

Maps of business areas and infrastructure, Teesside Development Corporation (pdf, 2 pages)

Britannia Enterprise Zone statistics, 1986 (pdf, 3 pages)

Teesside Now newsletter, Summer 1993 (pdf, 12 pages)

thumbnail of Teesside Now Summer 1993

Teesside Development Corporation - Initial Development Strategy, 1987 (pdf, 8 pages)

Stockton Borough Council: The Progress of the Teesside Development Corporation 1993 to 1994 (pdf, 30 pages)

Press articles on the achievements of the Teesside Development Trust (pdf, 4 pages)

National Audit Office: The Operation and Wind Up of the Teesside Development Corporation, 2002 (pdf, 7 pages)

Teesside Development Company: Annual highlights and Financial Statements 1992 to 1997 (pdf, 14 pages)

Commercial Property Monthly Mar/Apr 1997 (pdf, 27 pages)

thumbnail of Commercial Property Monthly Vol 15 MarApr 1997