Newcastle-upon-Tyne Archive

Newcastle's Centre for Life: photos, models and presentations

Newcastle's Quayside: Plans and Brochures

Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund 1996 - 2001: Reviving the Heart of the West End consortium (pdf, 26 pages)

Articles on regeneration and housing in Newcastle, 2007 - 2010 (pdf, 7 pages)

Overview of Regeneration Schemes in Newcastle 1979 to 2009 (pdf, 8 pages)

Newcastle City Council's Draft Ouseburn East development brief, 2002 (pdf, 32 pages)

Newcastle City Council's Going for Growth: a green paper (2000) and executive summary (2001) (pdf, 28 pages)

Draft Masterplans for the East End and West End of Newcastle, Consultation and Participation. Newcastle City Council, 2000 (pdf, 45 pages)



Barras Bridge and Haymarket: proposed masterplans