East Durham Task Force Archive

The East Durham Task Force was an umbrella body formed in 1991 to examine the needs of the area and coordinate a range of activities.

A ten year regeneration package "Programme for Action" was launched in 1991.

Additional documents included here are from Easington District Council, the Audit Commission, English Partnerships and one NorthEast.

Documents may contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Seaham Regeneration Strategy: Summary of Consultants Report (pdf, 17 pages)

A New Future for the East Durham Coalfield: study summary (pdf, 6 pages)

Turning the Tide: East Durham's regeneration programme (pdf, 7 pages)

Land Reclamation Programme 1997/97 for County Durham (pdf, 41 pages)


East Durham Task Force: Programme for Action, 1991 (pdf, 12 pages)

East Durham Task Force: Programme for Action, 1993 (pdf, 32 pages)

East Durham Task Force: The Road To Success - estimated costs and target outputs, 1997 - 2001 (pdf, 10 pages)

East Durham Task Force: The Road To Success 1997 - 2001 (pdf, 26 pages)

Westoe Colliery, South Shields: invitation for redevelopment solutions. English Partnerships, 1998 (pdf, 13 pages)

A mine of opportunities: Local authorities and the regeneration of the English Coalfields, 2008. Audit Commission. (pdf, 12 pages)

A map of the Durham Coalfield 1950 - 1994 

Investing in Seaham: brochure. one NorthEast and English Partnerships (pdf, 6 pages)

The National Coalfields Programme: brochure. English Partnerships, 2004 (pdf, 6 pages)

Westoe Crown Village, South Shields brochure. George Wimpey case study, 2002 (pdf, 2 pages)

Easington District Council's report for the Coalfields Task Force: Regeneration through Partnership, 1997. (pdf, 16 pages)

The Coalfields Task Force Report: Making the Difference, a new start for England's coalfield communities, 1998 (pdf, 47 pages)


Photos of East Durham regeneration areas

March 1998